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  1. Genetics

    Malaria parasite doesn’t pass drug immunity to its offspring

    Malaria parasites resistant to the antimalarial drug atovaquone die in mosquitoes, a new study finds.

  2. Genetics

    To study Galápagos cormorants, a geneticist gets creative

    To collect DNA from four cormorant species, this scientist called in bird scientists far and wide.

  3. Life

    Jumping gene turned peppered moths the color of soot

    A single gene is behind some of the most famous examples of natural selection.

  4. Animals

    Why Labrador retrievers are obsessed with food

    A genetic variant could explain obesity trends seen in Labrador retrievers.

  5. Animals

    Organisms age in myriad ways — and some might not even bother

    There is great variety in how animals and plants deteriorate (or don’t) over time.

  6. Genetics

    Roosters run afoul of genetic rules

    Moms aren’t always the only ones that pass mitochondrial DNA to offspring, a study of chickens finds.

  7. Genetics

    Ancient DNA tells of two origins for dogs

    Genetic analysis of an ancient Irish mutt reveals complicated history of dog domestication.

  8. Animals

    Devils Hole pupfish may not have been so isolated for so long

    New genetic study questions Devils Hole pupfish’s supposed history of long isolation.

  9. Animals

    Playful pups conceived via in vitro fertilization for the first time

    Scientists have solved the mystery of how to perform in vitro fertilization in dogs, which could help rid canines of heritable diseases.

  10. Genetics

    Ancient DNA pushes back timing of the origin of dogs

    DNA extracted from the fossil of an ancient wolf indicates dogs and wolves diverged longer ago than previously thought.

  11. Life

    Genetic mutation quenches quantum quirk in algae

    Studying algae that can and cannot use quantum coherence to harvest light could lead to better organic solar cells and quantum-based electronic devices.

  12. Animals

    Bowhead whales may unlock the secrets to a long, healthy life

    Analyzing the genome of the bowhead whale may help scientists understand how the animals live for more than 200 years.