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  1. Beneath that blazing facade

    Researchers revamp ideas about what’s in the sun.

  2. Space

    First detection of carbon dioxide in an exoplanet

    Moving one step closer to finding the fingerprints of life in a habitable planet beyond the solar system, astronomers have for the first time detected carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet.

  3. Planetary Science

    Small exoplanet discovered

    Astronomers have discovered the smallest planet known that is beyond the solar system and orbits an ordinary parent body.

  4. Space

    Kepler space telescope finds its first extrasolar planets

    The NASA mission uncovers one Neptune-like and four Jupiter-like bodies.

  5. Space

    2009 Science News of the Year: Atom & Cosmos

    A post-crash plume kicked up from the moon contained vapor and ice. NASA crashed an unmanned spacecraft into the lunar surface on October 9 in order to analyze the resulting debris for signs of water. Image Credit: NASA Water on the moonThe moon isn’t bone dry: Although planetary scientists had suspected as much for years, […]

  6. Space

    Saturn’s quadruple play

    Last February, the Hubble Space Telescope captured a portrait of Saturn as four of its moons simultaneously passed in front.

  7. Astronomy

    Can you hear me now?

    Astronomers reconsider how extraterrestrials could make contact.

  8. Space

    Atom & Cosmos: Science news of the year, 2008

    Science News writers and editors looked back at the past year's stories and selected a handful as the year's most interesting and important in Atom & Cosmos. Follow hotlinks to the full, original stories.

  9. Letters

    Impossible view In “Milky Way puts on weight” (SN: 1/31/09, p. 8), you claim to show an image of the Milky Way. This image cannot be real. Worse, it creates misconceptions: As a college educator, I find that most students actually believe NASA has launched probes outside of the Milky Way to take pictures of […]

  10. Astronomy

    The Star That Ate a Mars

    COVER STORY: Scientists probe debris trapped by white dwarfs to learn more about what faraway Earthlike planets are made of.

  11. Science & Society

    2008: Science news of the year

    Science News editors and writers survey the top news from the world of science in 2008. The selected stories are featured in this year-end issue, with links to the original, longer stories.

  12. Astronomy

    Beyond Galileo’s universe

    Astronomers grapple with cosmic puzzles both dark and light