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An interview with alien hunter Jill Tarter

Director of Center for SETI Research retires to focus on finding funds to continue the hunt for extraterrestrial life

5:42pm, May 29, 2012

After 35 years of eavesdropping on the stars, hoping to hear the intelligent murmurings of an extraterrestrial civilization, Jill Tarter, the SETI Institute’s lead alien hunter is hanging up her receiver and retiring as director of the Center for SETI Research.

But she’s not quitting the quest.

Instead of querying the heavens for signs of life, Tarter will query life on Earth for the funds needed to keep Earth’s ears online. “We’re just going to make this a crusade,” she said in an interview with astronomy reporter Nadia Drake. Read the interview below.

Why are you retiring as director of the Ce

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