1. 2019-nCoV transmission electron micrograph
    Health & Medicine

    How the new coronavirus stacks up against SARS and MERS

    Coronaviruses are a diverse family that may be becoming more threatening to people.

  2. football players colliding
    Health & Medicine

    Levels of certain proteins in the blood may act as concussion biomarkers

    College athletes who suffered concussions had elevated blood levels of three proteins, a potential chemical sign that one day may aid diagnosis.

  3. many-banded krait snake
    Health & Medicine

    No, snakes probably aren’t the source of that new coronavirus in China

    Scientists are skeptical about a new study that pinpoints snakes as the animal reservoir for the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in China.

  4. quantum entanglement illustration

    A quantum strategy could verify the solutions to unsolvable problems — in theory

    A quantum technique for verifying solutions to difficult problems could apply to an “unbelievably huge” class of puzzles.

  5. Health screening in Guangzhou
    Health & Medicine

    WHO says China’s coronavirus outbreak isn’t a global emergency yet

    While the WHO says the coronavirus outbreak isn’t a global emergency, China has locked down several large cities to stop the virus from spreading.

  6. mummy in CT scanner

    A 3-D printed vocal tract lets an ancient mummy speak from beyond the grave

    A re-created version of a mummy’s vocal tract reveals what this ancient Egyptian might have sounded like.

  7. Asian jewel beetles

    Sparkly exoskeletons may help camouflage beetles from predators

    Iridescence, normally thought to help insects stand out, can also camouflage beetles from predators, according to new experimental evidence.

  8. Mount Vesuvius boathouse

    Mount Vesuvius may have suffocated, not vaporized, some victims

    A new study suggests people living near Pompeii who hid in stone boathouses died a slower death when the volcano erupted in A.D. 79.

  9. Humans

    Stress turns hair gray by triggering the body’s fight-or-flight response

    A study in mice finds stress responses deplete cells that give hair its pigment, making the strand white.

  10. Ganges River delta

    Fed by human-caused erosion, many river deltas are growing

    Deforestation and river damming are changing the shape of river deltas around the globe.

  11. Baka people

    Ancient kids’ DNA reveals new insights into how Africa was populated

    Four long-dead youngsters from west-central Africa have opened a window on humankind’s far-flung African origins.

  12. bumblebee

    Collectors find plenty of bees but far fewer species than in the 1950s

    An analysis of global insect collections points to a major collapse in bee diversity since the 1990s.