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  1. Astronomy

    Beyond Galileo’s universe

    Astronomers grapple with cosmic puzzles both dark and light

  2. Space

    Smallest known transiting planet discovered

    Astronomers have found the smallest known extrasolar planets that is blocking light from its parent star. The discovery could help reveal information about the structure of planets that may resemble Earth.

  3. Space

    Uncommon Earth

    New computer model suggests Earth and its brethren are atypical.

  4. Astronomy

    In the Beginning: More early clues for life at home, out there

    Astronomers move closer to understanding how life arose on Earth and how it could arise elsewhere.

  5. Space

    Searching for superEarths

    Astronomers are exploring a new family of planets beyond the solar system.

  6. Earth

    The Hunt for Habitable Planets

    Here and now, a new suite of small telescopes are poised to look for Earthlike planets beyond the solar system.

  7. Astronomy

    Dead — but not duds

    White dwarfs shed light on physics and the fate of the cosmos.

  8. Space

    Extrasolar planetary system makes pictorial debut

    The first images of a planetary system beyond the solar system are released, while the Hubble Space Telescope snaps a shot of likely planet orbiting a nearby star.

  9. Astronomy


    Astronomers hope that new tools will enable them to capture the first image of one of the 300 known planets orbiting distant stars.

  10. Astronomy

    Otherworldly triple play

    Astronomers have discovered the first known system of three superEarths beyond the solar system.

  11. Astronomy


    By observing the minieclipses known as transits, when a distant planet passes in front of its parent star, astronomers are learning more about the size, composition, and temperature of exoplanets.

  12. Astronomy

    Bloated planet

    A newly discovered exoplanet is the largest and lowest-density such object yet found.