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  1. Tech

    SPIDER shrinks telescopes with far-out design

    Researchers hope new approach to interferometry and photonics will replace standard telescopes and long-range cameras where room is scarce.

  2. Earth

    Pumping carbon dioxide deep underground may trigger earthquakes

    Injecting carbon dioxide deep underground offers a promising way to curb global warming, but the extra pressure may cause faults to slip or fractures to release the buried gas.

  3. Physics

    Heart of the Matter

    Neutrinos’ shifty behavior might help explain why the universe has so much stuff in it.

  4. Climate

    Soil’s Hidden Secrets

    Shocking discoveries from the underground may shake up climate science.

  5. Physics

    The Ultimate Clock

    Keeping precise time on the universe’s scale.

  6. Astronomy

    Stellar oddballs

    Kepler spacecraft finds much more than exoplanets.

  7. Continental Hearts

    Ancient expanses called cratons pose a geological puzzle

  8. Astronomy

    Black hole silhouettes

    Scientists attempt to image a shadow and its tumultuous ring.

  9. Life from scratch

    Relaunching biology from the beginning.

  10. In Pursuit of the Briefest Beat

    Attosecond pulses of light could open electrons’ fast-paced world.

  11. Quantum on Quantum

    Entangled photons validate Feynman’s vision for simulating nature.

  12. Physics

    Quantum computer simulates hydrogen molecule just right

    Team builds device that uses two photons to calculate electron energies.