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  1. Life

    Connecting our dwindling natural habitats could help preserve plant diversity

    As pristine habitats shrink worldwide, a massive, 18-year experiment suggests that linking up what's left with natural corridors could help ecosystems retain plant diversity.

  2. Animals

    ‘Epic Yellowstone’ captures the thriving ecosystem of the world-famous park

    A new documentary series about Yellowstone displays the dynamic, dramatic and exciting ecosystem that thrives within the park’s gates.

  3. Anthropology

    Hominids may have been cutting-edge tool makers 2.6 million years ago

    Contested finds point to a sharp shift in toolmaking by early members of the Homo genus.

  4. Ecosystems

    Moonlight shapes how some animals move, grow and even sing

    The moon’s light influences lion prey behavior, dung beetle navigation, fish growth, mass migrations and birdsong.

  5. Climate

    Development near natural areas puts more Californians in the path of wildfires

    As urbanization extends its reach into once-natural areas, more homes and people are at risk from wildfires.

  6. Climate

    Rising CO2 levels might not be as good for plants as we thought

    A 20-year experiment spots a reversal in the way two kinds of plants take up extra carbon from the atmosphere.

  7. Life

    1 million species are under threat. Here are 5 ways we speed up extinctions

    One million of the world’s plant and animal species are now under threat of extinction, a new report finds.

  8. Ecosystems

    War wrecked an African ecosystem. Ecologists are trying to restore it

    Bringing back big predators to Gorongosa, once a wildlife paradise in Mozambique, is just one piece of the puzzle in undoing the damage there.

  9. Ecosystems

    How mammoths competed with other animals and lost

    Mammoths, mastodons and other ancient elephants were wiped out at the end of the last ice age by climate change and spear-wielding humans.

  10. Anthropology

    Finger fossil puts people in Arabia at least 86,000 years ago

    A desert discovery suggests that Arabia was an ancient human destination.

  11. Life

    Horses buck evolutionary ideas

    Horse evolution doesn’t fit classic scenario of trait evolution.

  12. Archaeology

    How Asian nomadic herders built new Bronze Age cultures

    Ancient steppe herders traveled into Europe and Asia, leaving their molecular mark and building Bronze Age cultures.