1. Animals

    How blind mole rats find their way home

    The blind mole rat is the first animal discovered to navigate by combining dead reckoning with a magnetic compass.

  2. Animals

    Where’d I Put That?

    Birds that hide and recover thousands of separate caches of seeds have become a model for investigating how animals' minds work.

  3. Animals

    Fish in the dark still size up mates

    Female cave fish still have their ancestral preference for a large male, even though it's too dark to see him.

  4. Animals

    Cetacean Seniors

    Whales that give new meaning to longevity.

  5. Animals

    Wasps drive frog eggs to (escape) hatch

    A tree frog's eggs can match their response to the degree of danger: all-out mass action for snakes but less activity for one wasp.

  6. Animals

    Vanishing Vultures: Bird deaths linked to vet-drug residues

    The recent puzzling crash in vulture populations in Pakistan comes not from some new disease but from exposure to veterinary drug residues in livestock carcasses.

  7. Animals

    Beetle fights bass in mouthwash duel

    A whirligig beetle duels with a hungry fish by dribbling out a repulsive chemical while the fish tries to rinse it off.

  8. Animals

    Cheap Taste? Bowerbirds go for bargain decor

    When male spotted bowerbirds collect sticks and other doodads to wow females, they don't search for the rare showpiece but go for the cheap trinket.

  9. Animals

    Whale Haunt: Nursing, feeding spot found off south Chile

    A survey along the coast of southern Chile has turned up a previously undocumented blue whale hangout that seems to be a feeding ground.

  10. Animals

    Not-So-Great Hunter: Said the spider to the fly—Eek! I’m outta here

    The poisonous brown recluse spider may turn out not to be a fearsome hunter so much as a scavenger.

  11. Animals

    First Impressions: Early view biases spider’s mate choice

    In a new wrinkle on how females develop their tastes in males, a test has found that young female wolf spiders that see a male's courtship display grow up with a preference for that look in mates.

  12. Animals

    Your Spiral or Mine? Snail gene reverses coil, makes new species

    A snail with a shell spiraling to the right can't mate readily with a lefty, so changes in the single gene that controls shell direction have created new snail species.