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  1. Science & Society

    Humans’ living creations put on display

    The Center for PostNatural History, a museum that opened in 2012, features Freckles and other organisms altered by humans.

  2. Humans

    How We Do It

    The Evolution and Future of Human Reproduction by Robert Martin.

  3. Life

    Bacteria can cause pain on their own

    Microbes caused discomfort in mice by activating nerves, not the immune system.

  4. Health & Medicine

    Gut-brain communication failure may spur overeating

    Restoring a depleted molecule in obese mice repaired their abnormal response to food.

  5. Tech

    On the Rebound

    Scientists revive search for new rubber sources.

  6. Tech

    Online ‘likes’ multiply themselves

    Social media users swayed by previous ratings, researchers find when they randomly assign positive and negative votes.

  7. Science & Society

    HeLa genome offers clues to cells’ cancerous nature

    The genetic sequence is published along with an agreement to protect the privacy of the family of the cells’ provider, Henrietta Lacks.

  8. Life

    Evolution of mammalian monogamy remains mysterious

    Two large studies reach opposing conclusions about why males stay with females.

  9. Health & Medicine

    Full moon may mean less sleep

    Slumber waxes and wanes along with lunar rhythm, researchers find with people sleeping in windowless lab.

  10. Life

    Size isn’t only mystery of huge virus

    A strange replication method and an unusual genetic sequence are among the mysteries of the outsized Pandoravirus.

  11. Tech

    Surgical tool smokes out cancer in seconds

    Sniffing for telltale molecules, method analyzes tissue with every cut.

  12. Life

    Flagellum failure lets bacteria turn

    Buckling of appendage drives tiny two-point turn.