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  1. Earth

    Every six years, Earth spins slightly faster and then slower

    Changes in day length linked to workings of Earth's core.

  2. Animals

    Lemurs’ group size predicts social intelligence

    Primates that live with many others know not to steal food when someone is watching.

  3. Earth

    Cleaner air may have brought more storms

    Pollution during the 20th century appears to have suppressed North Atlantic hurricanes.

  4. Earth

    Satellite captures Earth’s greenery

    Orbiting camera detects reflected light to determine the extent of the planet's vegetation.

  5. Life

    Cabbage circadian clocks tick even after picking

    Daily cycles in vegetables help ward off hungry caterpillars.

  6. Life

    Nail-generating tissue also regrows fingertips

    Stem cells spur return of amputated digits in mice

  7. Life

    Bird penises start strong, wither away

    Male chickens lose phalluses before hatching.

  8. Paleontology

    Lizard king thrived in ancient warm climate

    The herbivorous reptile of 40 million years ago was around 2 meters long.

  9. Archaeology

    Italians taught French wine-making

    Archaeology suggests Etruscans brought the grape to Gaul.

  10. Health & Medicine

    Mars trip would deliver big radiation dose

    Curiosity instrument confirms expectation of major exposures.