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    Scrambled Drugs: Transgenic chickens could lay golden eggs

    Scientists have created transgenic chickens able to produce foreign proteins—and, potentially, pharmaceuticals—in their eggs.

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    A tasty discovery about the tongue

    Scientists can now explain how the tongue tastes the amino acids in proteins.

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    Clotting protein hinders nerve repair

    A blood-clotting protein called fibrin seems to exacerbate the regrowth problems that plague severed nerves.

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    Aerial War against Disease

    Researchers around the world are catching on to the idea of using satellites to predict where diseases may strike.

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    Deciphering Virulence: Heart-harming bacteria flaunt unique viral genes

    By documenting genetic variation among bacteria responsible for a heart-damaging illness known as rheumatic fever, researchers may have opened paths to new preventive measures and treatments.

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    X rays tell stirring tale about fat

    X rays reveal how food processing shapes microscopic crystals of edible fats.

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    Researchers find how rhubarb remedy eases cholera

    Researchers in Japan have identified a natural compound responsible for the effectiveness of one rhubarb-based remedy to combat the overwhelming diarrhea that comes with cholera.

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    Brave New Drug: Compound stops cowpox and smallpox viruses

    A new drug called HDP-CDV stops smallpox virus from replicating in lab tests and cowpox virus from replicating in mice, suggesting it could work as a treatment for smallpox in people.

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    Computer sharing tackles anthrax

    A drug-discovery effort using more than a million personal computers worldwide has identified thousands of compounds that could form the basis of a cure for anthrax.

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    Clot busters may put elderly people at risk

    Very elderly people who get clot-dissolving drugs immediately after a heart attack are more likely to die during their hospital stay than similar-age patients who don't get them.

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    Clever Combo: Hybrid vaccine prevents West Nile virus in mice

    A vaccine fashioned from pieces of dengue virus and West Nile virus protects mice against West Nile fever, suggesting it might work in people.

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    Troubled Hearts: Antibiotic might fend off second attack

    An antibiotic might protect people with heart disease from future coronary events, according to the results of a small-scale trial.