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    Prenatal folate averts child leukemia

    Even a little supplementary folate during pregnancy now appears to reduce the risk that the child will develop acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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    Vaccine prevents urinary-tract infections

    An experimental vaccine designed to repel 10 common bacteria that cause bladder infections has cleared a key hurdle by proving safe and effective in a group of women.

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    Virus Shapes Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

    A huge, decade-long study bolsters the link between Epstein-Barr virus and the autoimmune disorder multiple sclerosis by showing that the common infection is more active in people who later develop symptoms of the disease.

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    Sometimes lying down is harder work

    Squatting or standing might ease baby delivery by allowing the birth canal more room to expand.

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    Ultrasound boosts drug delivery to tumors

    A beam of ultrasound can make the blood vessels that infiltrate cancerous growths leakier than normal.

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    Weak appetite in elderly ties to hormone

    A hormone known to suppress appetite is more abundant in seniors than in young adults and has a greater effect in squelching hunger in elderly people.

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    Mice reveal the off switch for inflammation

    Working with genetically engineered mice, scientists have identified a crucial natural mechanism that rodents use to shut down inflammation before it does harm.

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    Newfound flu protein may kill immune cells

    A dash of serendipity led to the discovery of a new protein, produced by most strains of the influenza A virus.

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    Boost in protein repair extends fly lives

    In warmer-than-normal conditions, fruit flies that overproduce a protein-repair enzyme live about one-third longer than typical flies.

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    Gene Therapy for Sickle-Cell Disease?

    By adding a useful gene to offset the effects of a faulty one, scientists have devised a gene therapy that prevents sickle-cell anemia in mice.

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    Surprise! Fat proves a taste sensation

    The share of consumed fat that travels into a person's bloodstream depends on whether the person tasted fat to begin with.

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    Delayed surgery aids spinal cord repair

    Postponing surgery to repair a severed spinal cord in rats improves the likelihood that the operation will counteract the injury.