1. Ecosystems

    Cryptic Invasion: Native reeds harbor aggressive alien

    A mild-mannered reed native to the United States is getting blamed for the mayhem caused by an evil twin.

  2. Paleontology

    Dinosaur tracks show walking and running

    A single trail of dinosaur footprints found in a British limestone quarry preserves a record of two different walking styles in the same animal, a tantalizing clue that some types of lumbering, bipedal dinosaurs could also run if the need arose.

  3. Ecosystems

    Biodiversity Hot Spots: Top 10 sea locales make sobering list

    Biologists have identified the world's most vulnerable coral reefs, each with organisms found nowhere else and threatened by human influence.

  4. Animals

    Yellower blue tits make better dads

    The yellow feathers on a male blue tit's breast could tell females that he'll be a good provider for the chicks.

  5. Plants

    Tropical plants grow cool flowers

    Tropical plants that position their flowers in the general direction of the sun are keeping the temperature comfortable for pollinators.

  6. Plants

    Petite pollinators: Tree raises its own crop of couriers

    A common tropical tree creates farms in its buds, where it raises its own work force of tiny pollinators.

  7. Ecosystems

    Genetic lynx: North American lynx make one huge family

    A new study of lynx in North America suggests the animals interbreed widely, sometimes with populations thousands of kilometers away.

  8. Plants

    Shower power: Raindrops shoot seeds out with a splat

    In a seed-dispersal mechanism scientists have never seen before in flowering plants, rain plops into a capsule and makes seeds shoot out the corners.

  9. Ecosystems

    Tadpole Science Gets Its Legs . . .

    The amazingly complex tadpole now shines in ecological studies.

  10. Animals

    Hanging around Mom’s web helps everybody

    For nearly grown spiderlings, lingering in their mother's web instead of setting off on their own turns out to be a boon for the mom, as well as themselves.

  11. Ecosystems

    Mistletoe, of all things, helps juniper trees

    A mistletoe that grows on junipers may do the trees a favor by attracting birds that spread the junipers' seeds.

  12. Animals

    Unknown squids—with elbows—tease science

    Glimpses from around the world suggest that the ocean depths hold novel, long-armed squids that belong in no known family.