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Particle Physics

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two photons bounce off each other

TRAVELING LIGHT  Particles of light can scatter off one another, a new study suggests. Researchers from the ATLAS experiment (illustrated) at the Large Hadron Collider detected events in which two photons (yellow beams) bounced off each other in collisions of lead nuclei.

T2K experiment

NEUTRINO CLUES  The T2K experiment found clues that neutrinos may behave differently than their antimatter partners. In a possible sighting of an electron neutrino at the Super-Kamiokande detector in Hida, Japan (shown), colored spots represent sensors that observed light from the interacting neutrino.

Juan Collar

NEUTRINO NABBER  A compact neutrino detector (prototype pictured with physicist Juan Collar of the COHERENT collaboration) has measured a new type of neutrino interaction. The 15-kilogram detector is much smaller than those used in previous experiments.

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