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  1. A photo of a new type of robot that has a black box for a body and four legs that are helping it move down the hall.

    This robot automatically tucks its limbs to squeeze through spaces

    Inspired by ants, a robot with telescoping legs can crawl under low ceilings, climb over steps and move on grass, loose rock and mulch.

  2. three sequence images of a syringe stuck in a dead wolf spider as it picks up a spider corpse

    Scientists turned dead spiders into robots

    In a new field dubbed “necrobotics,” researchers used a syringe and some superglue to control the dead bodies of wolf spiders.

  3. gallery of images showing a Lego-like figure liquifying to escape from a prison
    Materials Science

    These shape-shifting devices melt and re-form thanks to magnetic fields

    Miniature machines made of gallium embedded with magnetic particles can switch between solid and liquid states.

  4. a robotic pill-like device sits on pig intestine
    Health & Medicine

    This robotic pill clears mucus from the gut to deliver meds

    A whirling robotic pill wicks mucus from the gut, allowing intravenous drugs such as insulin to be given orally, experiments in pigs suggest.

  5. a curled robotic finger covered in living human skin against a blue backdrop

    Scientists grew living human skin around a robotic finger

    In the hopes of one day building super realistic cyborgs, researchers built a robotic finger that wears living human skin.

  6. An illustration of a rover exploring a lava tube with light streaming through the top

    A trick inspired by Hansel and Gretel could help rovers explore other worlds

    Taking a cue from a classic fairy tale, scientists propose a way for rovers to send back data from treacherous terrain.

  7. Long COVID brings another huge challenge to science

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses the challenges of long COVID and what it takes to report on it.

  8. A photo of a giant, 3,200-year-old statue of King Ramses II inside the Grand Egyptian Museum with constructions workers milling about.
    Science & Society

    Here are 7 new science museums and exhibitions to visit in 2023

    The Grand Egyptian Museum is slated to open, as well as new exhibitions dedicated to space travel, the Galápagos Islands and more.

  9. a pile of hard disk drives on a white background

    Recycling rare earth elements is hard. Science is trying to make it easier

    As demand grows, scientists are inventing new — and greener — ways to recycle rare earth elements.

  10. How the science of rocks is like the science of humans

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute examines how a simple question can lead to a complex search for answers in both geology and human psychology.

  11. a robotic fish with gray and white 'skin' and red eyes swimming alongside small mosquito fish

    A terrifying robot can thwart invasive mosquito fish

    A robot designed to mimic a natural predator of mosquito fish can impair the survival and reproduction of this costly invasive species.

  12. Our enduring fascination with outer space

    Editor in chief Nancy Shute discusses science's fascination with space, from 25 years of Mars rovers to the James Webb Space Telescope's mind-blowing first images.