Science Visualized

  1. Abell 2744

    Cosmic superlens gives telescopes a boost

    A map of galaxy cluster Abell 2744 unveils how gravity magnifies and smears images of far more distant galaxies.

  2. computer simulation of flying male beetle

    Male stag beetles face weighty problem for flight

    Male stag beetles need enormous mandibles to fend off other males and find a mate, but computer simulations show that the giant jaws make running and flying very difficult.

  3. micrograph of mouse's optic nerve

    ‘Brainbow’ illuminates cellular connections

    A mouse’s optic nerve fluoresces in a rainbow of colors. The image offers a detailed look at nerve-protector cells called oligodendrocytes.

  4. Climate

    Monster storm dominates view from space station

    A stunning photograph from the International Space Station captures the size and power of Typhoon Maysak, which clamored through the Western Pacific.

  5. A micrograph of a mouse's lungs
    Health & Medicine

    Pink blobs of hope in cancer-targeting quest

    Cancer drugs coated with plastic can reach a mouse’s lungs for targeted delivery, but steering the capsules to the right spots can be a challenge.

  6. Parathrapus boisei

    How to reconstruct the face of an extinct human ancestor

    3-D designer reconstructs portraits of ancestors for the human family album.

  7. Titan oceans
    Planetary Science

    Titan’s vast seas may drive methane cycle

    A phenomenon similar to Earth’s hydrological cycle on Saturn’s largest moon Titan may create different lake compositions, similar to the salinity difference between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

  8. inverted iceberg in Cierva Cove, Antarctica

    Glassy blue iceberg goes belly up

    A photographer snaps a rare picture of a recently overturned iceberg near Antarctica.

  9. Sound map

    A coast-to-coast picture of America’s cacophony of sounds

    The National Park Service mapped noise across the United States.

  10. U.S. map of 2014 average temperatures by state

    The continental divide of 2014 temperature

    According to data from NASA and NOAA, 2014 was one of the hottest years on record — in some states.

  11. baby cinereous mourner

    Amazonian bird may act the part of its hairy caterpillar disguise

    A rare view of a baby cinereous mourner feeds debate over whether the bird both looks and acts the part of a toxic hairy caterpillar as defense against predators.

  12. stretch of 5 million DNA bases

    The art of DNA folding

    Cells must compress genetic material into a nucleus that measures only about 5 micrometers across. To accomplish the feat, cells make loops in the DNA.