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‘The Cosmic Web’ weaves tale of universe’s architecture

An insider recounts how astrophysicists deciphered structure of cosmos

9:00am, January 24, 2016
cosmic web

TANGLED  Filaments on the cosmic web, the subject of a new book, come together in a massive galaxy cluster in this image from the Illustris Simulation. Dark matter density on the left gives way to gas density on the right. 

The Cosmic Web
J. Richard Gott
Princeton Univ., $29.95

We live in a universe of either honeycombs or meatballs. At least, that’s how cosmologists imagined the universe not long ago. But neither analogy is quite right. The universe instead resembles a vast spiderweb, made of gas and galaxies. It’s a view of the cosmos that partly originated in a high school science

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