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‘The Invaders’ sees dogs as key to modern humans’ success

Neandertals lost when Homo sapiens transformed wolves into hunting aids, author proposes

11:00am, March 21, 2015

ON THE HUNT  In a new book, anthropologist Pat Shipman argues that ancient humans hastened the demise of Neandertals when they domesticated wolves and used dogs in big game hunts.

The Invaders
Pat Shipman
Harvard Univ., $29.95

Ancient humans drove Neandertals to extinction around 40,000 years ago with the help of dogs soon after canines diverged from their wolf ancestors, anthropologist Pat Shipman proposes in her new book, The Invaders. Using fossil and genetic studies to build her case, Shipman argues that European Homo sapiens used the first dogs to track and corral big game for spear-wielding hunters. Unable to compete, Neandertals and several other meat-eating animals died out.

Shipman knows that Neandertals have inspired intense scientific debates for more

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