Deep network

Real-time monitoring of the seafloor reveals unexpected links

NODES OF NEPTUNE  Connected by more than 800 kilometers of fiber optic cable, NEPTUNE’s research stations probe diverse underwater worlds extending from the shallows of the continental shelf into the depths of the abyss: 1. Middle Valley- 2,400 m, Planned studies of tectonic shifts, whale song and vents; 2. Clayoquot Slope - 1,250 m, Methane fizzes from mud on continental slope; 3. Folger Passage- 23 m to 100 m, Shallowest node sits on a rocky reef; 4. Barkley Canyon - 860 m, Wally the robot roams methane mounds in sub­marine canyon; 5. Cascadia Basin - 2,660 m, Sensors measure the weight of passing tsunamis on abyssal plain; 6. Endeavour - 2,300 m, Studies of new ocean crust and hydrothermal vents.

Nicolle Rager Fuller

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