1. Physics

    The second law of thermodynamics underlies nearly everything. But is it inviolable?

    Two centuries on, scientists are still seeking a proof of the Second Law and why heat always flows from hot to cold.

  2. Space

    NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope could help solve these 5 exoplanet puzzles

    A lot of people are focused on signs of alien life, but the space telescope will have a lot to say about exoplanet geology and formation.

  3. Science & Society

    Scientists are fixing flawed forensics that can lead to wrongful convictions

    People have been wrongly jailed for forensic failures. Scientists are working to improve police lineups, fingerprinting and even DNA analysis.

  4. Neuroscience

    The heart plays a hidden role in our mental health

    Deciphering the messages that the heart sends to the brain could lead to new anxiety treatments and even unlock the secrets of consciousness.

  5. Earth

    A hidden danger lurks beneath Yellowstone

    A volcanic eruption at Yellowstone is unlikely anytime soon, but evidence is growing that a violent hydrothermal, or steam, explosion is possible.

  6. Environment

    A new approach to fighting wildfires combines local knowledge and AI

    Land managers in the western United States are using potential operational delineations, or PODS, to prepare for — and take advantage of — wildfires.

  7. Climate

    Will stashing more CO2 in the ocean help slow climate change?

    Research is needed on how ocean carbon removal methods — such as iron fertilization and direct capture — could impact the environment.

  8. Animals

    Eavesdropping on fish could help us keep better tabs on underwater worlds

    Scientists are on a quest to log all the sounds of fish communication. The result could lead to better monitoring of ecosystems and fish behavior.

  9. Health & Medicine

    How patient-led research could speed up medical innovation

    People with long COVID, ME/CFS and other chronic conditions are taking up science to find symptom relief and inspire new directions for professional scientists.

  10. Math

    How two outsiders tackled the mystery of arithmetic progressions

    Computer scientists made progress on a decades-old puzzle in a subfield of mathematics known as combinatorics.

  11. Health & Medicine

    U.S. opioid deaths are out of control. Can safe injection sites help?

    A new NIH study will evalute the only two officially sanctioned sites, in New York City, and a future site in Providence, R.I.

  12. Space

    How to build an internet on Mars

    Future Red Planet inhabitants will need new ways to connect, including improved relay networks and an offshoot internet.