1. Quantum computing illustration
    Quantum Physics

    To live up to the hype, quantum computers must repair their error problems

    Before quantum computers can reach their potential, scientists will need to master quantum error correction.

  2. Special Report: Fighting the Virus

    This special report investigates what it will take to regain some sense of normalcy: Safe and effective treatments and a vaccine, along with testing and contact-tracing systems.

  3. Neuroscience

    How coronavirus stress may scramble our brains

    The pandemic has made clear thinking a real struggle. But researchers say knowing how stress affects the brain can help people cope.

  4. woman working in a lab
    Health & Medicine

    As we wait for a vaccine, here’s a snapshot of potential COVID-19 treatments

    Though a vaccine remains the ultimate goal, researchers are on the hunt for new ways to treat COVID-19.

  5. illustration of an eco-friendly neighborhood

    What lifestyle changes will shrink your carbon footprint the most?

    You can reduce your carbon emissions, but the most influential changes will depend on your circumstances.

  6. House near Boulder, Colorado

    How to protect your home from disasters amplified by climate change

    How people can make their homes and communities more resilient to the effects of climate change, including floods, fires, heat and drought.

  7. Puerto Rico flooding

    What data do cities like Orlando need to prepare for climate migrants?

    As researchers wrestle with how to anticipate future population shifts due to climate change, possible “destination cities,” like Orlando, Fla., prepare for an influx.

  8. Children in a classroom

    It’s time to stop debating how to teach kids to read and follow the evidence

    Most children need help learning to read, but there’s long-standing disagreement on how best to help them. Decades of research have identified the most effective approaches.

  9. Leaf-cutter ants

    Insects’ extreme farming methods offer us lessons to learn and oddities to avoid

    Insects invented agriculture long before humans did. Can we learn anything from them?

  10. MOSAiC scientists

    A year long expedition spotlights night life in the Arctic winter

    Scientists anchored to an ice floe near the North Pole are investigating how life survives polar night and what changes will occur as the Arctic continues to warm.

  11. illustration of people in the United States
    Science & Society

    How the U.S. census has measured race over 230 years

    As the U.S. census gets under way, a review of historical data shows the difficulties in measuring race

  12. illustration of satellites over Earth

    New fleets of private satellites are clogging the night sky

    As private companies launch dozens of satellites at a time, researchers are assessing the impact on ground-based telescopes.