1. illustration of a science fiction nanobot brain mesh interface

    Three visions of the future, inspired by neuroscience’s past and present

    Three fantastical tales of where neuroscience might take us are based on the progress made by brain researchers in the last 100 years.

  2. Coronal mass ejection from July 2012

    Solar storms can wreak havoc. We need better space weather forecasts

    Solar storms can devastate power grids and other systems on Earth. We need better forecasting

  3. masked students on the UC Boulder campus
    Health & Medicine

    How 5 universities tried to handle COVID-19 on campus

    U.S. colleges opened in the fall with a patchwork of control measures to keep COVID-19 at bay.

  4. illustration of scientists observing thought bubbles from a brain
    Science & Society

    Can privacy coexist with technology that reads and changes brain activity?

    An onslaught of new technology aims to listen to — and maybe even change — your brain activity. Readers, scientists and ethicists grapple with the ethical implications of new ways to get inside the skull.

  5. neutron star illustration

    Einstein’s theory of general relativity unveiled a dynamic and bizarre cosmos

    Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity foretold space-bending beasts, cosmic shock waves and mysterious forces.

  6. piles of plastic at a landfill

    Chemists are reimagining recycling to keep plastics out of landfills

    Recycling plastics is really hard, and usually creates low-quality materials that aren’t good for much. Chemists are trying to change that.

  7. Marie Tharp looks over a map on a table
    Science & Society

    Marie Tharp’s groundbreaking maps brought the seafloor to the world

    In part because of her gender, Tharp was the right person in the right place at the right time to make the first detailed maps of the ocean’s bottom.

  8. erupting volcano

    How the Earth-shaking theory of plate tectonics was born

    Plate tectonics explains many of Earth’s geologic wonders and natural hazards — and may hold clues to the evolution of life.

  9. Students in a classroom
    Science & Society

    How schools can reduce excessive discipline of Black students

    Black middle and high school students miss four times as much school as white children due to suspensions. What can be done to shrink the gap?

  10. NYU Zoom class
    Science & Society

    What will life be like after the coronavirus pandemic ends?

    Researchers offer a range of perspectives on the possible long-term social consequences of COVID-19.

  11. Deja Perkins standing in a park and holding a pair of binoculars
    Science & Society

    Meet 5 Black researchers fighting for diversity and equity in science

    Here are a few of the people out to improve the professional lives of Black researchers.

  12. A Black student looking into a microscope
    Science & Society

    These 6 graphs show that Black scientists are underrepresented at every level

    In the U.S., Black people are underrepresented in STEM fields, both as students and in the workforce.