1. person in mask surrounded by doctors and reporters
    Health & Medicine

    Repurposed drugs may help scientists fight the new coronavirus

    Work on similar viruses is giving researchers clues on how to begin developing drugs against the new disease.

  2. illustration of people and census forms
    Science & Society

    To fight discrimination, the U.S. census needs a different race question

    Asking about race on the U.S. census can help identify discrimination against minority groups. But sociologists say the question needs a makeover.

  3. degraded coral reef

    How scientists wrestle with grief over climate change

    With climate change altering our world at an increasing pace, scientists who monitor and study nature are frustrated and grieving.

  4. cat smizing

    With a litter of tactics, scientists work to tame cat allergies

    New research may reduce the allergen levels of house cats or make people less reactive to our feline friends.

  5. Power grid illustration

    The U.S. power grid desperately needs upgrades to handle climate change

    The climate is changing faster than the U.S. power grid is adapting. Smarter grids and smaller grids could help.

  6. Stem cell treatment ads
    Health & Medicine

    Stem cell clinics’ much-hyped treatments lack scientific support

    Stem cell treatments for knee pain are strong on marketing, weak on science.

  7. Alzheimer's patients
    Health & Medicine

    How one woman became the exception to her family’s Alzheimer’s history

    A single mutation in a woman who evaded Alzheimer’s may point to new ways to treat the disease.

  8. Notre Dame

    After the Notre Dame fire, scientists get a glimpse of the cathedral’s origins

    Researchers will tackle the scientific questions behind rebuilding Notre Dame, and learn more about its history.

  9. Notre Dame de Paris

    How to restore the legendary acoustics of Notre Dame

    Using heritage acoustics, researchers hope to help restore the sound of Paris's Notre Dame cathedral.

  10. fist illustration
    Science & Society

    What happens when governments crack down on scientists just doing their jobs?

    Through their research findings or sense of duty, scientists can run afoul of government leaders keen to control information’s spread.

  11. birth control pills

    Is taking birth control as a teen linked to depression? It’s complicated

    As researchers sift through conflicting data, no clear answers emerge on whether birth control during teenage years can cause depression later.

  12. Julia Robinson illustration

    How Julia Robinson helped define the limits of mathematical knowledge

    Born 100 years ago, Julia Robinson played a key role in solving Hilbert’s 10th problem.