1. Maryam Shanechi

    Maryam Shanechi designs machines to read minds

    Maryam Shanechi creates computer programs that link brain and machine to one day help patients with paralysis or psychiatric disorders.

  2. Michelle O’Malley

    Michelle O’Malley seeks greener chemistry through elusive fungi

    Michelle O’Malley studies anaerobic gut fungi, microbes that could help make chemicals and fuels from sustainable sources.

  3. Stanley Qi

    Stanley Qi gives CRISPR a makeover to redefine genetic engineering

    By adapting CRISPR/Cas9, Stanley Qi has given genetic engineers a plethora of new tools.

  4. Parag Pathak
    Science & Society

    Parag Pathak uses data and algorithms to make public education fairer

    Economist Parag Pathak has overhauled school choice systems across the United States. Now he’s assessing what makes for a good education.

  5. Malin Pinsky

    Malin Pinsky seeks to explain how climate change alters ocean life

    As global temperatures rise, Malin Pinsky’s research attempts to understand how marine ecosystems are changing and why.

  6. Monika Schleier-Smith

    Monika Schleier-Smith leads elaborate quantum conversations

    Monika Schleier-Smith forces atoms to interact in ways that could offer insights into quantum computing, precision timekeeping and perhaps black holes.

  7. plastic revolver
    Science & Society

    3-D printed ‘ghost guns’ pose new challenges for crime-scene investigators

    Researchers are analyzing the ballistics of 3-D printed guns and the plastic they leave behind to help forensic scientists track these DIY weapons.

  8. Julián Alvarado Gómez

    How an astrophysicist chased a star from the Halo games to real life

    Julián Alvarado Gómez has devoted his career to a star called Iota Horologii. His former life as a Halo video gamer helps fuel that devotion.

  9. Boy from Azerbaijan

    Culture helps shape when babies learn to walk

    The culture in which a baby is raised can accelerate or slow down the development of early motor skills. Does it matter?

  10. vase depicting women weaving

    Textile archaeologists use ancient tools to weave a tapestry of the past

    Using tools leftover from ancient spindles and looms, textile archaeologists are starting to understand the fabrics of the past.

  11. strep virus brain illustration
    Health & Medicine

    How strep throat may spark OCD and anxiety in some kids

    A potential link between strep throat and sudden mental disorders in children raises questions about how infections can alter the brain.

  12. neurons
    Health & Medicine

    How pieces of live human brain are helping scientists map nerve cells

    Experiments on live nerve cells — donated from patients undergoing brain surgery — may turn up clues about how the human brain works.