1. Physician Lisa Fitzpatrick
    Science & Society

    Hear from people taking action against COVID-19

    Researchers, a health care worker, a clinical trial volunteer and others share their experiences during the pandemic.

  2. mask illustration
    Health & Medicine

    As 2020 comes to an end, here’s what we still don’t know about COVID-19

    After making fast progress understanding COVID-19, researchers are still in search of answers.

  3. Geminid meteor shower

    December’s stunning Geminid meteor shower is born from a humble asteroid

    Most meteor showers arise from comets, but the robust Geminid shower comes from an asteroid, Phaethon, which scientists are still trying to figure out.

  4. clouds of dust surrounding the red supergiant star Betelgeuse

    Betelgeuse went dark, but didn’t go supernova. What happened?

    Astronomers are anxious to learn why Betelgeuse, one of the brightest stars in the sky, dimmed dramatically, but didn’t explode, in 2019.

  5. a colugo mother hanging in a tree with a baby colugo peeking over her leg

    On a cool night in Malaysia, scientists track mysterious colugos across the treetops

    Our reporter tags along for nighttime observations of these elusive gliding mammals.

  6. close up of lasers pointed at a target

    Giant lasers help re-create supernovas’ explosive, mysterious physics

    For the first time, scientists have re-created a type of shock wave that occurs in supernovas.

  7. a photo of the transplant process of the giant shrub

    How passion, luck and sweat saved some of North America’s rarest plants

    As the list of plants no longer found in the wild grows, botanists and conservationists search for signs of hope — and sometimes get lucky.

  8. Abstract illustration with a "10" at the center, surrounded by illustrations of a microscope, telescope and other sciencey instruments
    Science & Society

    This year’s SN 10 scientists aim to solve some of science’s biggest challenges

    Our SN 10: Scientists to Watch for 2020 include researchers tackling wildfire smoke, teen suicide and earthquake monitoring.

  9. a photo of a hot spring

    Life on Earth may have begun in hostile hot springs

    What researchers learn at hot springs and seafloor vents may guide the search for life on icy moons and Mars.

  10. Pit viper

    Cheap, innovative venom treatments could save tens of thousands of snakebite victims

    Momentum is building to finally tackle a neglected health problem that strikes poor, rural communities.

  11. New Zealand wine grape field

    How does a crop’s environment shape a food’s smell and taste?

    Scientific explorations of terroir — the soil, climate and orientation in which crops grow — hint at influences on flavors and aromas.

  12. gerrymandering protesters

    How next-gen computer generated maps detect partisan gerrymandering

    The U.S. census will trigger a new round of redistricting beginning in 2021. Researchers have developed numerous tests to identify gerrymandering.