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Letters to the Editor

Letters from the September 11, 2004, issue of Science News

7:33pm, September 7, 2004

Say what?

I don't think anyone should be surprised that squirrels have figured out how to say "nyah, nyah" to rattlesnakes ("Ultrasound alarms by ground squirrels," SN: 7/3/04, p. 14: Ultrasound alarms by ground squirrels). After all, it's what they've been saying to cats, dogs, and bird-feeder owning humans for years.

R. Kelly Wagner
Austin, Texas

Weather or not

It is very disappointing that "Dead Heat: The health consequences of global warming could be many" (SN: 7/3/04, p. 10: Dead Heat) has not a word about any disagreement surrounding the health and related consequences of global warming, let alone of any disputes about its very likelihood.

Tibor R. Machan
Orange, Calif.

The article asserts that malaria and other tropical diseases will migrate northward with global warming. This ignores the fact that malaria

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