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Year in Review

Here’s what you might have missed in space this year

Preoccupied by the eclipse? Space missions delivered plenty of discoveries in 2017

7:00am, December 26, 2017

ZOOM IN  Juno made a handful of science flybys this year, collecting data on Jupiter’s atmosphere and capturing stunning closeup images of the planet (southern hemisphere shown here). And 2017 had plenty of other not-to-miss updates from big missions.

Missions to Jupiter and Saturn made big headlines this year, offering closeup views of the two gas giants. 2017 had plenty of other updates from exciting missions of years past.


The Juno spacecraft has kept a watchful eye on Jupiter since entering the gas giant’s orbit in 2016. This year, Juno had seven planned science flybys of the planet, giving researchers a first intimate look at the Great Red Spot (SN Online: 7/7/17) and revealing surprising details about the planet’s interior.

Measurements of Jovian gravity suggest that Jupiter’s

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