Year in Review

  1. image of the center of the Milky Way galaxy
    Science & Society

    What will be the big science stories of 2019? Here are our predictions

    From black hole insights to the future of self-driving cars to figuring out what it means to be human, 2019 will be a big year in science.

  2. moon craters
    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is mastering a wider variety of jobs than ever before

    In 2018, AI bested humans at following fauna, diagnosing disease, mapping the moon and more.

  3. Parker Solar Probe illustration

    2018 was a busy year in space

    This year, some missions started exploring the cosmos, while others were winding down.

  4. ANITA experiment in Antarctica

    These 2018 findings could be big news — if they turn out to be true

    Discoveries about fossils, the Big Bang and more could shake up the scientific world – if they turn out to be true.

  5. sexual harassment protest
    Science & Society

    The #MeToo movement shook up workplace policies in science

    In the #MeToo era, the scientific community is confronting its own sexual harassment problems and looking to research for solutions.

  6. nerve cells

    The battle over new nerve cells in adult brains intensifies

    It’s not yet time to abandon the idea that adult human brains make new nerve cells.

  7. hand holding an e-cig
    Health & Medicine

    E-cigarettes caught fire among teens

    High schoolers’ use of e-cigarettes shot up from 2017 to 2018, and public health officials are concerned that a new generation is at risk for nicotine addiction.

  8. hurricane flooding

    Half a degree stole the climate spotlight in 2018

    Climate attribution studies and new data on global warming targets put climate change in the spotlight this year.

  9. Jiankui He

    News of the first gene-edited babies ignited a firestorm

    A researcher in China announced he created two babies using CRISPR. Many scientists questioned the study’s ethics and medical necessity.

  10. Sacramento sheriff and Golden State killer

    Crime solvers embraced genetic genealogy

    DNA searches of a public genealogy database are closing cases and opening privacy concerns.

  11. IceCube detector
    Particle Physics

    Neutrino discovery launched a new type of astronomy

    Particles associated with a blazar kick-start the field of neutrino astronomy.

  12. Greenland crater illustration

    Greenland crater renewed the debate over an ancient climate mystery

    Scientists disagree on what a possible crater found under Greenland’s ice means for the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis.