Year in Review

  1. a photo showing a fossilized aprtial jaw and braincase

    2021 research reinforced that mating across groups drove human evolution

    Fossils and DNA point to mixing and mingling among Homo groups across vast areas.

  2. a 3-D printed skull of Asteriornis maastrichtensis
    Science & Society

    2020’s science superlatives include the oldest, highest and grossest discoveries

    From the earliest modern bird to the highest-temperature superconductor, science set plenty of records in 2020.

  3. peanuts in a bowl
    Health & Medicine

    Against all odds, 2020 featured some good health news

    Good health news in 2020 included a first treatment for peanut allergies, a rare self-cure for HIV, and an Ebola outbreak ends.

  4. astronauts traveling to the ISS

    Here are the highlights from a busy year in space launches

    Satellites, Mars rovers and astronauts launched into space in 2020.

  5. coronavirus computer generated image
    Science & Society

    The science stories that defined 2020: coronavirus, diversity movements and more

    While this year was all about the coronavirus pandemic, climate change effects continued, diversity movements were born and research carried on.

  6. a false color composite image of the planet Venus
    Science & Society

    These science claims from 2020 could be big news if confirmed

    Scientific findings reported this year that still need more proof include potential signs of life on Venus and Earth’s oldest parasites.

  7. Asian giant hornet

    Rumors of a ‘murder hornet’ apocalypse may have been exaggerated

    Murder hornets sightings in the Pacific northwest inspired a mix of concern and delight.

  8. East Troublesome Fire

    Wildfires, heat waves and hurricanes broke all kinds of records in 2020

    Climate change did not take a break during the pandemic.

  9. Elvis worms
    Science & Society

    From Elvis worms to the Milky Way’s edge, these science stories sparked joy in 2020

    During a gloomy year dominated by a pandemic, these scientific discoveries were reminders that we live in a world of wonder.

  10. The front of the cruise ship the Diamond Princess
    Science & Society

    This COVID-19 pandemic timeline shows how fast the coronavirus took over our lives

    Look back on how the coronavirus pandemic took over 2020 and how efforts to fight back evolved.

  11. Mars 2020 rover
    Science & Society

    What’s ahead for science in 2020? Here’s what we’re watching

    Science News writers are awaiting new Mars missions, a new search for dark matter, results from a male birth control pill study and more.

  12. Australopithecus anamensis reconstruction and skull

    Science News’ favorite fossils of 2019

    Fossil discoveries reported this year included Cambrian creatures, ancient bone cancer and a peek at life’s recovery after the dinosaur die-off.