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  1. Animals

    New salamander stays young at heart

    A new salamander species was long mistaken for the juvenile form of another.

  2. Life

    ‘The Amoeba in the Room’ uncloaks a hidden realm of tiny life

    Mycologist Nicholas Money reveals the secret (and dramatic) lives of amoebas, bacteria, fungi and other often-overlooked microbes in The Amoeba in the Room: Lives of the Microbes.

  3. Ecosystems

    War’s ecological effects laid bare in ‘A Window on Eternity’

    In "A Window on Eternity," entomologist E.O. Wilson chronicles both the shifting ecology of Gorongosa National Park after the war and how researchers are trying to repair the damage.

  4. Plants

    Bladderwort opens wide

    Under a microscope, the tiny trap of a carnivorous plant becomes an impressive gaping maw.

  5. Animals

    Clearly new snail

    Croatia’s deepest cave system is home to a tiny, translucent resident.

  6. Psychology

    Behind the Shock Machine

  7. Science & Society

    Brilliant Blunders

  8. Paleontology

    Blogger busts dinosaur myths

  9. Genetics

    Frankenstein’s Cat

  10. Paleontology

    My Beloved Brontosaurus

  11. Tech

    Frankenstein’s Cat

  12. Neuroscience