Carolyn is the Earth & Climate writer at Science News. Previously she worked at Science magazine for six years, both as a reporter covering paleontology and polar science and as the editor of the news in brief section. Before that she was a reporter and editor at EARTH magazine. She has bachelor’s degrees in Geology and European History and a Ph.D. in marine geochemistry from MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She’s also a former Science News intern.

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  1. flamingo lagoon

    The search for new geologic sources of lithium could power a clean future

    Futuristic clean-energy visions of electric vehicles are driving the hunt for lithium.

  2. Corey Ford/Alamy

    A dinosaur’s running gait may reveal insights into the history of bird flight

    In what may have been a precursor to avian flight, a flightless winged dinosaur may have flapped its wings as it jogged.

  3. hippo

    Hippo poop cycles silicon through the East African environment

    By chowing down on grass and then excreting into rivers and lakes, hippos play a big role in transporting a nutrient crucial to the food web.

  4. solid grains in a glass chamber

    Dry sand can bubble and swirl like a fluid

    Put two types of sand grains together in a chamber, and they can flow like fluids under the right conditions.

  5. fossil fish
    Science & Society

    How we reported a controversial story about the day the dinosaurs died

    Here’s how we covered the story of new fossils found in the Tanis site in North Dakota, including the story’s more controversial elements.

  6. Anomalocaris

    See beautiful fossils from top Cambrian sites around the world

    Troves of Cambrian fossils are known at more than 50 places around the world. Here are five standout spots.

  7. Mars InSight lander
    Planetary Science

    NASA’s Mars InSight lander may have the first recording of a Marsquake

    NASA’s InSight mission appears to have detected a Marsquake for the first time.

  8. Mercury
    Planetary Science

    Mercury has a massive solid inner core

    The distribution of Mercury’s mass and small stutters in the planet’s spin suggest it has a giant solid inner core.

  9. Baja California, Mexico

    More than a million tiny earthquakes revealed in Southern California

    By putting millions of tiny quakes on record, scientists hope to learn more about what triggers the big ones.

  10. a photo of the Pyrenees Mountains

    Tiny microplastics travel far on the wind

    Airborne bits of plastic that originated in cities ended up in pristine mountains at least 95 kilometers away, a study finds.

  11. iceberg

    Antarctica’s iceberg graveyard could reveal the ice sheet’s future

    Drilling deep into the seafloor beneath Antarctica’s “Iceberg Alley” could reveal new clues about how quickly the continent has melted in the past.

  12. fish fossil at Tanis site

    New fossils may capture the minutes after the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact

    North Dakota fossils may depict the aftermath of the dinosaur-killing asteroid, but controversial claims about the breadth of the find are unproven.