Cassie Martin is the associate editor at Science News. When she’s not reporting stories about coral reefs, dog genetics or astronaut poop, she edits the magazine’s Letters to the Editor section, fact-checks the news and works on the Science News in High Schools program. Cassie has a bachelor's degree in molecular genetics from Michigan State University, and a master's degree in science journalism from Boston University. Prior to Science News, she wrote for MIT, Harvard and elsewhere.

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  1. 1968 Hong Kong pandemic flu strain
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, a flu pandemic spurred vaccine research

    A half-century after the Hong Kong flu pandemic, scientists are getting closer to a universal vaccine.

  2. cheese found in Egyptian tomb
    Science & Society

    Cheese found in an Egyptian tomb is at least 3,200 years old

    Solid cheese preserved in an ancient Egyptian tomb may be the world’s oldest.

  3. two manatees

    A ghost gene leaves ocean mammals vulnerable to some pesticides

    Manatees, dolphins and other warm-blooded marine animals can't break down organophosphates due to genetic mutations that occurred long ago.

  4. brachiosaur

    Paleontologists have ID’d the world’s biggest known dinosaur foot

    Bigfoot has been found in Wyoming. It’s not a hairy, apelike creature; it’s a dinosaur.

  5. Akainacephalus johnsoni illustration

    A new ankylosaur found in Utah had a surprisingly bumpy head

    The spiky, fossilized skull of a newly discovered dinosaur species may be a road map to its ancestors’ journey to North America.

  6. bottled water pickup site in Flint, Mich.
    Health & Medicine

    ‘The Poisoned City’ chronicles Flint’s water crisis

    A new book examines how lead ended up in Flint’s water and resulted in a prolonged public health disaster.

  7. Joseph Weber

    In 1968, scientists thought they were close to detecting gravity waves

    Despite an unverified discovery in 1968, spacetime ripples remained elusive for nearly 50 years.

  8. man swabbing his cheek

    Privacy and consumer genetic testing don’t always mix

    Interested in taking a direct-to-consumer genetic test? Here are some things you should know.

  9. mouse breast tumor
    Health & Medicine

    50 years ago, starving tumors of oxygen proposed as weapon in cancer fight

    Starving cancerous tumors of oxygen was proposed to help kill them. But the approach can make some cancer cells more aggressive.

  10. Genetics

    50 years ago, synthetic DNA made its debut

    Synthetic DNA has come a long way since it arrived on the scene half a century ago.

  11. tardigrade

    2017 delivered amazing biology finds from organisms large and small

    From giant African elephants to tiny tardigrades, scientists discovered some surprising biology this year.

  12. Jupiter
    Planetary Science

    Here’s what you might have missed in space this year

    Missions to Jupiter and Saturn made big headlines, and 2017 also saw exciting updates from missions of years past.