Physics writer Emily Conover joined Science News in 2016. She has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Chicago, where she studied the weird ways of neutrinos, tiny elementary particles that can zip straight through the Earth. She got her first taste of science writing as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She has previously written for Science Magazine and the American Physical Society. She is a two-time winner of the D.C. Science Writers’ Association Newsbrief award.

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  1. gamma-ray blazars

    Five gamma-ray blazars set new distance record

    Intensely bright galaxies are the farthest blazars ever detected in gamma rays.

  2. NIST Center for Neutron Research

    Physicists seek neutron lifetime’s secret

    Updated experiments hope to resolve neutron lifetime discrepancy.

  3. merging black hole simulation

    Spin may reveal black hole history

    High rate of spin could indicate that black holes formed from previous mergers of black holes.

  4. Chandra telescope

    Possible sign of dark matter shows up again

    Excess of X-rays could indicate decaying sterile neutrinos.

  5. hydrogen under pressure

    New claim staked for metallic hydrogen

    Scientists report transforming hydrogen into a metal at high pressure, but some experts dispute the claim.

  6. microfluid device made of lego-like blocks

    Legos inspire versatile fluid-filled devices

    Tiny devices shuttle fluid around using reconfigurable Lego-like bricks.

  7. microfluid device made of lego-like blocks

    Construction of tiny, fluid-filled devices inspired by Legos

    Tiny devices shuttle fluid around using reconfigurable Lego-like bricks.

  8. gold nugget

    Chemists strike gold, solve mystery about precious metal’s properties

    A longstanding puzzle about gold’s properties has been solved with more complex theoretical calculations.

  9. flame resistant fibers
    Materials Science

    New ‘smart’ fibers curb fires in lithium-ion batteries

    To stifle battery fires, scientists create component with heat-release flame retardant.

  10. soap bubble film

    Shimmering soap bubbles have a dark side

    Merging dark spots are indicators that a bubble is about to burst.

  11. two graphs

    Retracted result on network equivalence reinstated

    Graph isomorphism result still stands, despite error.

  12. XENON100
    Particle Physics

    Dark matter still missing

    The XENON100 experiment found no evidence of an annually varying dark matter signal.