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  1. Math

    Fibonacci’s Chinese Calendar

  2. Math

    Scheduling Random Walks

  3. Math

    Scheduling Random Walks

  4. Math

    Quirks of video poker

    Even with perfect play over a long time, unfavorable odds and limits on how much a gambler may win per machine make playing video poker into a losing game.

  5. Math

    Reassessing an ancient artifact

    The famous Mesopotamian clay tablet known as Plimpton 322 represents an ordered list of worked examples that a teacher would use to prepare a sequence of closely related questions about squares and reciprocals for student exercises.

  6. Math

    Scheduled random walks skirt collisions

    Researchers in theoretical computer science have made progress in settling the question of whether a clairvoyant scheduler can regulate the timing of moves by random walkers on a grid to keep them from ever colliding.

  7. Math

    Folding Maps

  8. Math

    Folding Maps

  9. Millions of Digits of Pi