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  1. Beer bubble math

    The rate of change of bubble volume. If this quantity is positive, the bubble will grow; if it’s negative, it will shrink. A constant that depends on the temperature and the specific gas in the foam. (The foam on top of a glass of Guinness lasts unusually long because Guinness uses nitrogen in addition to […]

  2. Math

    Beer bubble math helps to unravel some mysteries in materials science

  3. Math

    Outstanding, superlinear cities

    By a new mathematical method, New York City proves average and San Francisco exceptional.

  4. Winning the World Series with math

    To run the bases faster, baseball players just need a bit of mathematics, according to research by an undergraduate math major and his professors. Their calculations show that the optimal path around the bases is one that perhaps no major-league ball player has ever run: It swings out a full 18.5 feet from the baseline. […]

  5. Math

    Crowdsourcing peer review

    MATH TREK: A claimed proof that P≠NP spurs a massive collaborative research effort.

  6. The pattern collector

    Neil Sloane's Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences outgrows its creator.

  7. Math

    When intuition and math probably look wrong

    A twist on the Two Children Problem shows how information can steer what looks probable.

  8. Math

    ‘Discounting’ the future cost of climate change

    To figure out how much we should spend fighting climate change, economists have some questions for you: How much would you be willing to spend now to make your child $100 richer in the future? What about your grandchild in the farther future, or your great-great-great-great-great-grandchild in the very distant future? The health of the […]

  9. Math

    Million-dollar math prize awarded, but not necessarily accepted

    The reclusive mathematician who proved the Poincaré conjecture may or may not claim his prize.

  10. Math

    The mutual inspiration of art and mathematics

    Economics, origami and other fields trigger new and original creations.

  11. Math

    Teaching a computer to spot a bogus Bruegel

    Mathematicians apply a technique from vision research to find fake art.

  12. Mathematics by collaboration

    The Polymath project harnesses the power of the Internet to use massive collaboration to solve a major problem in record time