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Julie Rehmeyer's Articles

  • Math Trek

    Good Stories, Good Math

    Young children who show sophisticated story-telling skills go on to demonstrate greater mathematical ability.
  • Math Trek

    Math on Fire

    A supercomputer model fed by real-time data is beginning to make sense of the seemingly unpredictable movement of wildfires.
  • Math Trek

    Mathematical Fortune-Telling

    A researcher uses game theory to predict the outcome of political and business challenges, including the current dispute with Iran over nuclear technology.
  • Math Trek

    A Tangled Tale

    A piece of string tumbled over and over quickly develops knots, explaining why your headphone cords are always in a tangle.
  • Math Trek

    A Prayer for Archimedes

    A long-lost work by Archimedes shows his subtle grasp of the notion of infinity, and how close he was to developing calculus.
  • Math Trek

    The Essence of Group Conflict

    Eruptions of open conflict between ethnic or religious groups have a lot to do with the way communities are geographically distributed.
  • Math Trek

    Separate Is Never Equal

    Economic forces alone can explain why social segregation leads to inequalities in wealth and achievement.
  • Math Trek

    May the Best Team Win

    In sports leagues and playoffs, the strongest teams often don't triumph, but redesigning the schedule of games can improve their chances.