Sid Perkins

Sid Perkins is a freelance science writer based in Crossville, Tenn.

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  1. Marlin

    Marine biologist chronicles a lifelong love of fishing

    In A Naturalist Goes Fishing, a marine biologist takes readers on a round-the-world fishing expedition

  2. whooper swans in flight

    A naturalist recounts birds’ lives in the Scottish Highlands

    In Gods of the Morning, a naturalist chronicles how birds and other wildlife withstand the changing seasons in the Scottish Highlands

  3. The Reason for Flowers

    Flowers’ roles considered in ecosystems and economics

    In ‘The Reason for Flowers’, a pollination ecologist chronicles the science and culture of blossoms from the dawn of humanity.

  4. abandoned factory in Chernobyl
    Science & Society

    Histories left behind by the dispossessed

    ‘Dispatches from Dystopia’ chronicles adventures in modernist wastelands to recount tales of the invisible and the overlooked, the exiled and the dispossessed.

  5. bedbug

    Tales of the bedbug, one of the world’s most reviled insects

    ‘Infested’ captivates with stories about the bloodsucking insects. Resurgent in many areas in the United States, bedbugs are the fastest-growing moneymaker in pest control.

  6. rust on green metal

    ‘Rust’ chronicles humankind’s incessant battle with corrosion

    ‘Rust’ recounts humanity’s unending battle against corrosion, which each year costs the United States an estimated $437 billion — more than all natural disasters combined.

  7. Science & Society

    Finalists chosen to compete in the 2015 Intel Science Talent Search

    Teens from 18 states will soon face off in the finals of the 2015 Intel Science Talent Search, the nation’s most prestigious science research competition for high school seniors.

  8. Earth

    ‘Island on Fire’ recounts enormous 18th century eruption

    The 18th century eruption of Iceland’s Laki volcano spewed sulfurous gases that briefly cooled the globe and probably contributed to the early deaths of tens of thousands of people.

  9. Climate

    ‘Storm Surge’ revisits Sandy, looks to future hurricanes

    Superstorm Sandy deluged New York City and could be a harbinger of future coastal flooding.

  10. Broadcom MASTERS winners Holly Jackson and Sahar Khashayar
    Science & Society

    Sewing study stitches up Broadcom prize

    Holly Jackson of San Jose, Calif., zigzagged her way through three days of science, engineering and math challenges to win the top prize at the Broadcom MASTERS middle school science competition.

  11. Science & Society

    Two books explore winding path from basic science to useful invention

    ‘How We Got to Now’ and ‘Science Unshackled’ explain how basic scientific research can transform society in unexpected ways.

  12. Animals

    ‘Planet of the Bugs’ reveals the secrets to insects’ success

    Entomologist Scott Richard Shaw explores the evolution of insects and how they came to rule the world.