On the Scene

  1. Humans

    Intel Science Talent Search finalists reflect on their week in D.C.

    Intel Science Talent Search finalists visit President Obama and members of Congress in prelude to announcement of top prize winners.

  2. Humans

    Justifying research, basic or otherwise

    A neuroscience panel at the annual AAAS meeting is asked to weigh in on the value of curiosity-driven, versus applied, investigations

  3. Psychology

    Sometimes, happiness is for bozos

    Despite its benefits, happiness and its pursuit has risks, as writer Bruce Bower describes in a humorous report from the recent meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

  4. Life

    Three scientists, three wishes (with extras for the cosmologist)

    Research luminaries reveal the questions they'd most like to see answered.

  5. Don’t forget beauty

    An ornithologist argues that arbitrary preferences may have a place in the bird world.

  6. Life

    Soil search suggests broad roots for antibiotic resistance

    Drug-defeating genes are everywhere, but don’t blame dirt-dwelling bacteria for resistance seen in the clinic.

  7. Humans

    Climate researcher speaks out

    BLOG: Michael Mann says scientists have lost control of the public message about climate change, Alexandra Witze reports from the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing meeting.

  8. Humans

    Should health care workers be required to get flu vaccinations?

    Mandatory policies increase participation at some hospitals, but are still disputed by unions and some staffers.

  9. Psychology

    Lies, damned lies and psychology experiments

    Researchers may deceive themselves when they mislead study participants.

  10. Guts of a twister

    DENVER — It’s always easy to tell when you’re at a conference of the American Meteorological Society. Fliers advertise book signings on the history of broadcast meteorology. “Storm video nights” highlight everyone’s favorite destructive storms. And the hotel-lobby chatter about tomorrow’s weather? You know you can trust it. True to form, this year’s AMS conference […]

  11. Space

    An uncomfortable silence

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — How can astronomers advise NASA on how to trim the costs of developing missions if no one will tell them how much the costliest mission of all, the James Webb Space Telescope, is running over budget? Successor to Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope is now slated for launch in 2014. The […]

  12. Neuroanatomy down on the farm

    Researchers retreat to bucolic surroundings for brain cell-mapping competition.