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  1. Animals

    Fish beware: Bottlenosed dolphins may be able to pick up your heartbeat

    Fish, sharks and platypuses are adept at sensing electrical signals living things give off. Bottlenosed dolphins make that list too, studies suggests.

  2. Animals

    Migratory fish species are in drastic decline, a new UN report details

    The most comprehensive tally of how migrating animals are faring looks at more than 1,000 land and aquatic species and aims to find ways to protect them.

  3. Health & Medicine

    Losing amphibians may be tied to spikes in human malaria cases

    Missing frogs, toads and salamanders may have led to more mosquitoes and potentially more malaria transmission, a study in Panama and Costa Rica finds.

  4. Life

    The inside of a rat’s eye won the 2023 Nikon Small World photo contest

    The annual competition puts the spotlight on science and nature in all its smallest glory.

  5. Animals

    The right bacterial mix could help frogs take the heat

    Wood frog tadpoles that receive a transplant of green frog bacteria can swim in warm waters, revealing another role for microbiomes: heat tolerance.

  6. Life

    Faking death lets some female frogs slip the mating grip of a male

    Suddenly looking dead, grunting like a guy or vigorously rotating can help female frogs survive mating balls in species with aggressively grabby males.

  7. Animals

    Some harlequin frogs — presumed extinct — have been rediscovered

    Colorful harlequin frogs were among the hardest hit amphibians during a fungal pandemic. Some species are now making a comeback.

  8. Life

    Many frogs glow in blue light, and it may be a secret, eerie language

    Biofluorescence is far more common across frog species than previously thought. The faint twilight glow could have a role in communication or mating.

  9. Ecosystems

    ‘Crossings’ explores the science of road ecology

    Ben Goldfarb talks about his new book, which looks at the science that’s helping to prevent animals from becoming roadkill.

  10. Animals

    A newfound ‘croakless’ frog may communicate via touch

    A newly discovered frog species in Tanzania joins a rare group of frogs that don’t croak or ribbit.

  11. Animals

    ‘Wandering’ salamanders glide like skydivers from the world’s tallest trees

    Using their legs and tail, these amphibians have impressive control over their daring dives from coast redwood canopies.

  12. Animals

    Here’s why pumpkin toadlets are such clumsy jumpers

    Tiny Brachycephalus frogs from southern Brazil can leap into the air but have trouble landing.