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  1. Animals

    These are our favorite animal stories of 2022

    Goldfish driving cars, skydiving salamanders and spiders dodging postcoital death are among the critters that most impressed the Science News staff.

  2. Animals

    Leeches expose wildlife’s whereabouts and may aid conservation efforts

    DNA from the blood meals of more than 30,000 leeches shows how animals use the protected Ailaoshan Nature Reserve in China.

  3. Paleontology

    How mammals took over the world

    In the book The Rise and Reign of the Mammals, paleontologist Steve Brusatte tracks the evolutionary innovations that made mammals so successful.

  4. Life

    An ancient amphibian is the oldest known animal with a slingshot tongue

    A tiny amphibian that lived 99 million years ago waited for invertebrate prey before snatching them with a swift, shooting tongue.

  5. Science & Society

    Stuck inside this winter? Try an at-home citizen science project

    Researchers are in search of volunteers to look for solar jets, transcribe old weather logbooks, listen for threatened frogs and more.

  6. Life

    A terrifying robot can thwart invasive mosquito fish

    A robot designed to mimic a natural predator of mosquito fish can impair the survival and reproduction of this costly invasive species.

  7. Animals

    Tree-climbing carnivores called fishers are back in Washington’s forests

    Thanks to a 14-year reintroduction effort, fishers, or “tree wolverines,” are once again climbing and hunting in Washington’s forests after fur trapping and habitat loss wiped them out.

  8. Life

    Bizarre caecilians may be the only amphibians with venomous bites

    Microscope and chemical analyses suggest that, like snakes, caecilians have glands near their teeth that secrete venom.

  9. Earth

    A volcano-induced rainy period made Earth’s climate dinosaur-friendly

    New physical evidence links eruptions 234 million to 232 million years ago to climate changes that let dinosaurs start their climb to dominance.

  10. Life

    Fires may have affected up to 85 percent of threatened Amazon species

    Since 2001, fires in the Amazon have impacted up to about 190,000 square kilometers — roughly the size of Washington state.

  11. Animals

    These spiders may sew leaves into fake shelters to lure frogs to their doom

    Madagascar’s huntsman spiders use silk to turn two leaves into a cool hollow. Such microhabitats may appeal to the spiders’ prey, a study suggests.

  12. Animals

    This praying mantis inflates a strange pheromone gland to lure mates

    Researchers stumbled across a first among mantises: an inflatable organ that spreads pheromones, helping mates find each other in the dark rainforest.