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  1. A photo of a yellow pasture with and farm in the distance. Behind the buildings heavy dark smoke clouds fill the sky
    Health & Medicine

    Western wildfires’ health risks extend across the country

    As western wildfires become more common, hazardous smoke is sending people — especially children — to emergency rooms on the East Coast.

  2. electron micrograph of mature monkeypox viruses in pink and immature viruses in blue
    Health & Medicine

    Monkeypox is not a global health emergency for now, WHO says

    The decision comes as the outbreak of the disease related to smallpox continues to spread, affecting at least 4,100 people in 46 countries as of June 24.

  3. image of Maria Grazia Roncarolo using a pipette in a hood

    How gene therapy overcame high-profile failures

    A dark period for gene therapy didn’t derail scientists determined to help patients.

  4. A desire for knowledge on many science fronts

  5. A monkey munches on a banana

    Mary Roach’s new book ‘Fuzz’ explores the ‘criminal’ lives of animals

    In “Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law,” author Mary Roach profiles mugging monkeys, thieving bears and other animal outlaws.

  6. flames and smoke billow from trees in the Amazon

    Fires may have affected up to 85 percent of threatened Amazon species

    Since 2001, fires in the Amazon have impacted up to about 190,000 square kilometers — roughly the size of Washington state.

  7. A colorized electron micrograph of monkeypox infecting monkey cells
    Health & Medicine

    4 answers to key questions about the monkeypox outbreak

    Monkeypox has cropped up around the world, but it doesn’t spread easily like the coronavirus and most people probably don’t need to be concerned.

  8. Marguerite Vogt in a lab at the Salk Institute
    Health & Medicine

    By taking on poliovirus, Marguerite Vogt transformed the study of all viruses

    She pioneered the field of molecular virology with her meticulous lab work and “green thumb” for tissue culture.

  9. surprised-looking rhesus macaque monkey

    Monkeys may share a key grammar-related skill with humans

    A contested study suggests the ability to embed sequences within other sequences, a skill called recursion and crucial to grammar, has ancient roots.

  10. illuistration of a pterosaur with opposable thumbs

    ‘Monkeydactyl’ may be the oldest known creature with opposable thumbs

    A newly discovered pterosaur that lived during the Jurassic Period could have used its flexible digits to climb trees like a monkey.

  11. a long, thin electronic device with microchips in the middle and lights at either end

    Scientists remotely controlled the social behavior of mice with light

    New devices — worn as headsets and backpacks — rely on optogenetics, in which bursts of light toggle neurons, to control mouse brain activity.

  12. Neogobius melanostomus

    A fish’s fins may be as sensitive to touch as fingertips

    Newfound parallels between fins and fingers suggest that touch-sensing limbs evolved early, setting the stage for a shared way to sense surroundings.