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Asa Stahl

2022 AAAS Mass Media fellow

Astrophysics Ph.D. student at Rice University, where his research focuses on detecting and characterizing young stars and planets. He has written for the Houston Chronicle and Sky & Telescope, and authored a children’s astronomy book, The Big Bang Book.

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  1. yellowish white calcite crystal that formed in a cave
    Planetary Science

    A new look at the ‘mineral kingdom’ may transform how we search for life

    A new census of Earth’s crystal past hints that life may have begun earlier than expected, and could be a tool to look for water and life elsewhere.

  2. two museum works place a 8-meter-long model of a megalodon shark in a museum display

    Megatooth sharks may have been higher on the food chain than any ocean animal ever

    Some megalodons and their ancestors were the ultimate apex predators, outeating all known marine animals, researchers report.

  3. illustration of gravitational waves from merging black holes

    Gravitational wave ‘radar’ could help map the invisible universe

    Gravity ripples scattering off warped spacetime near massive objects might help astronomers peer inside stars and find globs of dark matter.

  4. someone holds a Kangaroo Island dunnart on a piece of cloth

    These tiny marsupials survived wildfires only to face extinction from feral cats

    The Kangaroo Island dunnart was one species seen to reemerge after 2019–2020 Australian bushfires but is now closer than ever to extinction.

  5. Oval-shaped dark blue map of the Milky Way with color patterns representing concentrations of galaxy mergers, supernovas and newborn stars.

    New Gaia data paint the most detailed picture yet of the Milky Way

    Gaia’s new data can tell us about galaxies the Milky Way has swallowed, the young solar system and asteroids that could hit Earth.