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  1. Health & Medicine

    Microplastics are in our bodies. Here’s why we don’t know the health risks

    Researchers are racing to try to understand how much humans are exposed and what levels are toxic.

  2. Animals

    A ‘mystery monkey’ in Borneo may be a rare hybrid. That has scientists worried

    Severe habitat fragmentation caused by expanding palm oil plantations may have driven two primate species to mate that wouldn’t have otherwise.

  3. Animals

    Scientists uncover the secret to fishing cats’ hunting success

    Volunteers in India have helped to explain how one of the world’s semiaquatic wild cat species hunts.

  4. Animals

    An agile gecko found in India named after the legendary Jackie Chan

    A hard-to-catch gecko species is named after martial artist Jackie Chan. Skin patterns, like one resembling a galaxy, inspire other newfound geckos’ names.

  5. Animals

    Discarded COVID-19 PPE such as masks can be deadly to wildlife

    From entanglements to ingestion, two biologists are documenting the impact of single-use masks and gloves on animals around the world.