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  1. Life

    Many genes in dolphins and bats evolved in the same way to allow echolocation

    Widespread changes scattered across the genomes of distantly related species cooperated to craft the trait.

  2. Genetics

    Scorpion’s sting evolved from insects’ defensive proteins

    With a single genetic mutation, an insect’s defensive proteins can be transformed into a toxin that gives scorpions their signature sting, a new study shows.

  3. Animals

    Leaping land fish avoids predators by blending in

    The Pacific leaping blenny avoids being eaten by predators by blending into its rocky habitat.

  4. Plants

    Dastardly daisies

    This flower isn’t just any old sex cheat. It can be sexually deceptive three ways and in 3-D.

  5. Animals

    The daemon cat that never was

    Buried in a volume published in 1904 is a description of a new species of cat found in Transcaucasia: Felis daemon, the Black Wild Cat.

  6. Animals

    In the Eye of the Tiger

    Global spread of Asian tiger mosquito could fuel outbreaks of tropical disease in temperate regions.

  7. Animals

    Evolutionary enigmas

    Comb jelly genetics suggest a radical redrawing of the tree of life.

  8. Animals

    Lost to history: The “churk”

    More than a half-century ago, researchers at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center outside Washington, D.C., engaged in some creative barnyard breeding. Their goal was the development of fatherless turkeys — virgin hens that would reproduce via parthenogenesis. Along the way, and ostensibly quite by accident, an interim stage of this work resulted in a rooster-fathered hybrid that the scientists termed a churk.

  9. Life

    Molecular Evolution

    Investigating the genetic books of life reveals new details of 'descent with modification' and the forces driving it.

  10. Animals

    Aphids make their own bright colors

    The insects’ ancestors adapted fungal DNA for manufacturing vital compounds.

  11. Genetics

    Dog gene heeds call of the wild

    Domesticated dogs passed a gene for dark fur color to their wild cousins.

  12. Health & Medicine

    Genome 10K: A new ark

    Featured blog: Researchers are working to catalog the DNA sequences of just about every vertebrate genus.