March 11, 2000 | Science News


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    Alcohol can induce fainting spells

    Alcohol imbibed in modest quantities can disrupt the reflex that maintains blood pressure when a person stands up quickly, which may account for why some people faint when they down a few drinks and then stand up.
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    Listen to the shapes

    People use still-unspecified acoustic cues to discern the shapes of hidden, vibrating plates.
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    Tough talk for depressed husbands

    Positive comments directed by depressed men to their wives often elicit negative responses from the women, a conversational style that may contribute to the men's mood problems.
  • Feature

    Where the Gems Are

    By using a novel tool to figure out an emerald’s oxygen-isotope ratio, gemologists can now determine which mine the precious stone came from and, possibly, gain insights into the formation and history of these coveted gems.
  • Feature

    Pregnant—and Still Macho

    Some of the basic theories of sexual behavior and sexual selection are getting attention thanks to a burst of new studies in the topsy-turvy social world of the seahorse, where the males get pregnant.