1. Animals

    When a chipmunk teases a rattlesnake

    Several of the Northeast's least ferocious forest creatures taunt rattlesnakes.

  2. Animals

    Faithful voles have hidden infidelities

    Prairie voles, used for studying the biological basis of monogamy, do form social bonds but they also have more out-of-pair sexual encounters than most biologists had expected.

  3. Animals

    Coati version of spoiled brats

    A biologist reports that ring-tailed coatis in Argentina have a kind of dominance structure never before documented in animals, with adolescents as a group outranking their moms and older half-sibs.

  4. Animals

    Getting the Gull: Baiting trick spreads among killer whales

    A young male orca that spits up fish and then ambushes gulls attracted to the mess seems to have started a wave of cultural transmission.

  5. Animals

    Myth of the Bad-Nose Birds

    Even though a lot of people still believe birds have no sense of smell, certain species rely on their noses for important jobs, such as finding food and shelter, and maybe even a mate.

  6. Animals

    Out of the Jungle: New lemurs found in Madagascar’s forests

    Two new species of lemur have been discovered in Madagascar, the only home of these tiny and endangered primates.

  7. Animals

    Wing Ding: Bird rubs feathers for cricketlike song

    Scientists say that they have found the first vertebrate to make its courtship music in the same way as a cricket does.

  8. Animals

    Meat-Eating Caterpillar: It hunts snails and ties them down

    A newly named species of Hawaiian caterpillar sneaks up on a resting snail and quickly spins silk strands around it, lashing it to the spot, and then eats it.

  9. Animals

    Ladybug mom provides infertile eggs as baby food

    When food gets scarce, multicolored Asian ladybugs lay extra dud eggs that can end up as emergency rations for their young.

  10. Animals

    Is eyeless sea creature fishing with a red light?

    Researchers off the coast of California have captured three deep-water siphonophores, relatives of jellyfish, and observed in the lab that the creatures twitch little red lights that could be lures for fish.

  11. Animals

    More junk makes for better dads

    A new analysis links dutiful fatherhood in prairie voles to a stretch of DNA once dismissed as meaningless.

  12. Animals

    He Clones, She Clones: Dad, mom ants as different species

    In the little fire ant, males and queens clone themselves, the closest science has gotten to declaring males and females as separate species.