1. Climate

    Boreal forests shift north

    As forests move northward and to higher elevations, they alter ecosystems and threaten to further heat the Arctic's already warming climate.

  2. Animals

    Polar bears listed

    Polar bear declared "threatened," but Secretary limits decision's impact.

  3. Earth

    Climate clues in ice

    A kilometers-long ice core from Antarctica has been recording climate information for the past 800,000 years and has revealed a three millennia–long period when carbon dioxide levels in the air were lower than any previously measured.

  4. Life

    Just ain’t natural

    Monster data crunch strengthens case that climate is disrupted.

  5. Climate

    A little drier every day

    The Sahara, one of the hottest and driest regions on Earth, gradually became arid over a period of centuries, a finding that contradicts many previous studies.

  6. Life

    Brittle arms lose muscle

    In lab simulations of future ocean conditions, brittle stars grow extra-calcified but puny arms.

  7. Earth

    Babbitt to Southern Louisiana: Look into Gondolas

    “New Orleans, at the end of the century, will be an island” — literally, predicts Bruce Babbitt. Whether or not you believe his assessment, he makes a good case for considering the implications of climate change when planning federal projects.

  8. Climate

    Air Pollution Can Be So Cool — ing

    Fossil-fuel pollution has been offsetting global warming to the tune of about 30 percent per year. Cleaning up that pollution, a must, threatens to accelerate warming unless humanity changes its fuel-use strategy.

  9. Life

    The Arctic isn’t alone

    Insects and other animals that regulate their body temperature externally may be especially vulnerable as the world warms.

  10. Earth

    A Feverish World

    What's behind global warming—and is there anything we can do?

  11. Climate

    Olympic Clean Up

    Rather than wowing its visitors this summer with world-class air pollution, China wants to impress them with its clean, green Olympics.

  12. Earth

    Heat relief

    A new data-rich climate model foresees a short-term reprieve from warming for parts of western Europe and North America.