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    Hear, Hear

    A 14-year study of twin babies shows definitively for the first time that there's a link between middle ear infections and heredity.

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    Marrow Can Hide Breast Cancer Cells

    Breast cancer patients who have stray cancer cells in bone marrow are more likely to die of cancer or have a recurrence of cancer elsewhere in the body than are breast cancer patients not harboring such cells.

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    Surgery Guide

    Designed for patients and their families, physicians, and students, this Web site provides detailed information about a variety of common surgical procedures, ranging from hernia repair to LASIK for vision correction. Illuminating diagrams and cutting-edge animation accompany each description of a type of surgery. Go to:

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    Tracking signs of memory loss

    A new imaging agent may allow researchers to detect the plaques characteristic of Alzheimer's disease before symptoms are present, when therapies may be most effective.

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    Cooking Up a Carcinogen

    The discovery that acrylamide—a known animal carcinogen—forms in many foods as they fry or bake has prompted the development of an international research network to investigate whether it poses a threat.

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    Pancreatic enzymes may play role in shock

    Pancreatic enzymes used for digestion may cause shock when they leach out of the small intestine and form a substance that activates white blood cells.

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    Budding Tastes: Higher blood pressure in newborns links to salt preference

    Babies who tolerate a salty flavor have higher blood pressure on average than their less tolerant counterparts do.

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    Toxin Trumped: New malaria vaccine protects mice

    An experimental vaccine neutralizes a toxic molecule made by malaria-causing parasites.

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    Fruit: Towards Virtual Taste Tests

    When it comes to fresh fruit, looks can be deceiving. The prettiest apples may be tasteless or their texture mealy. Intact, ruby-hued skin may hide a large, mushy bruise. As a result, each purchase becomes somewhat of a gamble. Federal engineers with the Agricultural Research Service hope to up a buyer’s odds with a system […]

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    One more reason to worry

    A single dose of the AIDS drug nevirapine, given to mothers to help prevent them from infecting their children during birth, may be enough to prod the virus to develop drug resistance.

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    HIV may date back to the 1930s

    Genetic analysis of the AIDS virus suggests it first infected humans in the first third of the 20th century.

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    AIDS drugs may cause bone loss

    Using X rays to measure bone density in HIV-infected men, researchers find a possible link between bone loss and long-term use of protease inhibitors.