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    What Activates AIDS?

    New studies suggest that a natural process called immune activation—the signaling that alerts immune cells of foreign invaders—plays a key role in explaining why infection with the human immunodeficiency virus progresses to AIDS more quickly in some people than in others.

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    Sickening Food

    If food that was going to leave you with gut-wrenching cramps — or more — tasted  sickening, few people would indulge. The problem, of course, is that sickening food can taste quite scrumptious. Foods that look, smell, and taste yummy can still harbor disease-causing pathogens. Mead et al./Emerging Infectious Diseases Indeed, when the hour of […]

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    The brew for a slimmer you

    Green tea contains a compound that triggers the body to burn more fat.

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    Stem cells repair rat spinal cord damage

    Using embryonic stem cells from mice, researchers restored some movement in paralyzed rats that had undergone a crippling spinal injury.

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    Eat Broccoli, Beat Bacteria: Plant compound kills microbe behind ulcers and a cancer

    A chemical abundant in broccoli and certain other vegetables kills ulcer-causing Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the laboratory and inhibits stomach cancer in mice.

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    Revised Immunity: Drug slows diabetes in young patients

    A drug fashioned from a mouse antibody has halted the progression of diabetes in children and young adults who are newly diagnosed with the disease.

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    E is for Effort from Athletes

    It takes a lot of energy to move the body–which is why vigorous exercise burns so many calories. However, both exercise and our body’s conversion of food to usable energy can take a physical toll on muscle. Boston researchers now find that supplementing diets with extra vitamin E can reduce not only muscle damage but […]

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    Sleep Time

    The International Sleep Medicine Association has created a Web site that brings together a wide variety of information sources concerning sleep health and sleep disorders. It includes access to online video lectures on various aspects of sleep, chat rooms and message boards, and links to news stories. Go to:

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    Look Ma, Too Much Soy: Hormone in infant food reduces immunity in mice

    Large doses of the estrogenlike hormones that occur naturally in soybeans weaken the immune systems of mice.

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    Surgical Option: Removal of ovaries can prevent cancers in women at risk

    In women who harbor mutations in one of the BRCA genes, ovary removal reduces the risk of developing ovarian, peritoneal, and breast cancers.

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    High elevation linked to hormone dearth

    Elderly Peruvian women living at very high altitudes have lower blood concentrations of some key hormones than do their lowland counterparts.

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    On Wheat and Weaning

    Prolonged breastfeeding appears to offer some babies major intestinal benefits, a new Swedish study finds. The practice prevented or at least delayed the onset of celiac disease in children. This intestinal disorder tends to run in families, especially those with a northern-European background. In the United States, roughly one in every 250 Americans develops the […]