1. Physics

    Electrons trip on tiny semiconductor steps

    A first glimpse of how a semiconductor's surface alters electrons' magnetic fields, or spins, suggests that tiny steps in the surfaces are tripping up efforts to create so-called spintronics circuits from semiconductors.

  2. Materials Science

    Nanotubes form dense transistor array

    Researchers have made an array of transistors out of carbon nanotubes.

  3. Materials Science

    Future brightens for carbon nanotubes

    Researchers have made a lightbulb that depends on carbon nanotubes for its glow.

  4. Physics

    Light shines in quantum-computing arena

    A new computing scheme using available technology and only classical physics appears to handle many tasks that researchers thought would be unsuited to any computers except the still-hypothetical ones that would exploit quantum physics.

  5. Physics

    Device shifts molecules into slow motion

    Unlike other particle accelerators, which manipulate the speed and energy of charged particles, a new device accelerates neutral molecules such as ammonia.

  6. Physics

    Lead blocks may catch nuclear killer

    New measurements of neutron bursts from blocks of lead may help researchers solve a decades-old cosmic whodunit.

  7. Physics

    Maybe this watched pot already boiled

    Researchers smashing nuclei in hopes of producing a primordial state of matter called the quark-gluon plasma may have already made the stuff without realizing it.

  8. Physics

    New probe reveals unfamiliar inner proton

    Researchers taking one of the closest looks yet into the intact proton have found an unexpectedly complex interior electromagnetic environment.

  9. Materials Science

    Inorganic tubes get smaller than ever

    Researchers have created the smallest stable, freestanding inorganic nanotubes yet.

  10. Materials Science

    Novel nanotubes are now made-to-order

    Researchers have made nanotubes with specific sizes and traits by designing molecules that self-assemble.

  11. Physics

    Surface reaction recorded in real time

    Ultrafast laser pulses may have for the first time revealed the incredibly rapid, step-by-step progress of a complete chemical reaction on a surface, at the actual speed at which it took place.

  12. Physics

    Cold sliver may sense electron quiver

    By detecting vibrations of less than an atom's width of a tiny cantilever, physicists have made the most sensitive measurement of force ever by mechanical means.