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  1. Materials Science

    Printing scheme could yield 3-D photonic crystals

    An innovative printing scheme makes three-dimensional crystal structures that could be used to control the flow of light.

  2. Materials Science

    Polymer could improve natural gas purification

    A new polymer membrane that efficiently separates carbon dioxide from methane could greatly ease the processing of natural gas.

  3. Chemistry

    Nanotherapy: Gold-drug combo could target tumors

    Clusters of paclitaxel molecules attached to gold nanoparticles could deliver a safer and more effective chemotherapy punch to tumors.

  4. Tech

    Spot On: Printing flexible electronics one nanodot at a time

    A new high-resolution printing technique could make flexible electronics such as plastic displays and solar cells easier to produce.

  5. Materials Science

    Shocking Sheets: Power paper packs a punch

    Ultrathin sheets made from cellulose and carbon nanotubes could serve as flexible, versatile batteries.

  6. Chemistry

    Soot Sense: Test tallies exposure to diesel pollution

    A chemical in urine reveals a person's exposure to diesel exhaust.

  7. Materials Science

    Sop Story: New porous gel soaks up heavy metal

    A new porous gel efficiently removes mercury from contaminated water and may also have the ability to catalyze chemical reactions such as those that generate hydrogen for fuel.

  8. Materials Science

    Allergy Nanomedicine: Buckyballs dampen response of cells that trigger allergic reactions

    Drugs based on soccer ball–shaped carbon molecules could one day help fight allergies.

  9. Materials Science

    Needling Cells: Stem cells could take their cues from silicon nanowires

    Scientists have grown mouse stem cells on a bed of silicon nano-needles, hoping that they will be able to guide the cells' development through electrical stimulation.

  10. Our Microbes, Ourselves

    Trillions of microbes live in the human gut and skin, and they may be essential to health.

  11. Materials Science

    Bright Future

    Energy-efficient, semiconductor-based chips called light-emitting diodes will begin to illuminate homes and offices within the next decade, displacing power-hungry incandescent and fluorescent lighting.

  12. Tech

    A nanoprinter for cheaper diagnostics

    Using strands of DNA as movable type, scientists have created a miniaturized printing technique for mass-producing medical diagnostic chips.