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  1. Physics

    Cellular Contortionist

    Mounting, but controversial, evidence suggests that DNA flexes more easily than previously thought, with potentially important implications for genetics, cell biology, and nanotechnology.

  2. Tech

    Loopy Light: Rings that delay photons may advance microchips

    Chains of tiny, high-precision, light-conducting loops of silicon may open the door to using optical circuits to carry enormous data flows within computer chips.

  3. Tech

    Ahead of the Curve: Novel morphing wing may reduce aircraft’s fuel use

    A prototype aircraft wing has demonstrated in its first flight tests that its morphing might save fuel.

  4. Tech

    Shape shifter shifts twice

    Certain plastics known as shape-memory polymers switch to predetermined shapes when triggered by heat or light. Now, researchers have developed more-versatile versions of such polymers. When heated, each of the new triple-shape polymers switches to a second shape. Then, at a higher temperature, the plastic changes to a third form. “For some applications, [these] more-complex […]

  5. Computing

    What a Flake

    New ways to simulate ice-crystal growth yield patterns remarkably similar to the beautiful and intricate shapes of snowflakes and may shed light on how those real-life shapes come about.

  6. Tech

    A nano–cheese slicer

    Stringing a carbon nanotube between two needles yields a nanoscale cheese knife that could improve slicing of biological samples.

  7. Tech

    Crusty Old Computer: New imaging techniques reveal construction of ancient marvel

    Scientists have figured out the arrangement and functions of nearly all the parts of a mysterious astronomical computer that was recovered from a 2,000-year-old shipwreck.

  8. Physics

    Super Silicon: Top semiconductor turns into a superconductor

    A heavy dose of boron transforms silicon, the superhero material of electronics, into a superconductor.

  9. Tech

    Ancients made nanotech hair dye

    A hair-darkening paste invented thousands of years ago forms lead-and-sulfur nanocrystals remarkably similar to those made in today's nanotechnology labs.

  10. Physics

    Heavy finding

    Physicists have discovered never-before-seen subatomic particles related to protons and neutrons but laden with exotic, heavy subparticles called bottom quarks.

  11. Tech

    Unstoppable Bot: Armed with self-scrutiny, a mangled robot moves on

    Roboticists have made a walking machine that carries on despite serious damage.

  12. Tech

    The Little Chill: Tiny wind generator to cool microchip hot spots

    By generating a tiny cooling wind, a microscale silicon needle armed with a powerful electric field has demonstrated its potential as a new way to cool increasingly hot microchips.