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    Mars Photo of the Day

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    Roving on the Red Planet

    NASA last month selected the landing sites for rovers scheduled to begin exploring the Martian surface next January.

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    Spacecraft reveal Mars’ molten heart

    Tracking the precise motion of a spacecraft orbiting Mars, planetary scientists have deduced that the core of the Red Planet is at least partially liquid.

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    Red Planet

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    Planets in Autumn

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    Martian Gullies: Carved by melting snow?

    Melting snow may have sculpted the recently formed gullies found at midlatitudes on Mars.

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    Space Class

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    Forgotten Planet

    Mercury: The solar system's inner frontier.

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    New moons for Neptune?

    Astronomers say they have discovered three additional moons circling Neptune.

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    Martian leaks: Hints of present-day water

    In some of the coldest regions on Mars, water appears to have recently gushed from just beneath the surface, running down crater walls and steep valleys.

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    Mars reveals more frozen water

    Planetary scientists have discovered ice near the edge of Mars' south polar cap.

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    Fresh crater found on lunar images

    Scientists analyzing images of the moon's surface taken from lunar orbit believe they've identified the crater that formed when a small asteroid slammed into the moon almost 5 decades ago.